B.Y.O.B. Event - Bring Your Own Bag!

BYOB Event.jpg

This Weekend Only!

For new and current consigners: B.Y.O.B!

"Bring your own bag" for consignment or buy out - and receive a Designer Consigner gift certificate on the spot! The event kicks off with our first ever "Handbag Happy Hour" on Thursday evening from 4-6pm. Enjoy food, martinis, wine, and shopping while we price your designer handbag!

Bags priced between $100-$200 - Receive $10 

Bags priced between $200-$500 - Receive $25 

Bags priced between $500-$750 - Receive $50 

Bags priced between $750-$1000 - Receive $75 

Bags priced over $1000 - Receive $100 

A Designer Consigner gift certificate makes the perfect holiday gift for friends or family (or as a gift to yourself!). You will receive a gift certificate for consigning your handbag   whether or not it sells! BUT, it must stay in the store for the entire 60 day consignment period. This special offer is for the weekend of November 2nd-5th only - so don't miss out!