Consignments are taken by appointment only for first time consigners Monday-Friday. We also offer a buyout option for high-end designer items. Request an appointment here.

Once you are an established consigner with us, you may drop off items Tuesday through Friday without an appointment; up to 12 items each time. Drop offs will not be taken on the weekends. Consigners are able to view their item’s selling status on-line 24 hours a day via the internet so that they can monitor their account from home/work. Consignment checks are available on the last Friday of every month until the 10th day of the following month, however they can shop anytime using credit accrued on their account to make purchases in the store.

The Consignment period is 60 days and consigners receive 50% of the selling price of items sold during all 60 days. After 30 days the item's selling price will be reduced by 20%. Unsold items can be returned to the consigner at the end of the 60 day consignment period or may be donated to local charities.

All consignments must be “in-season” (see dates below) and must come in on hangers, freshly cleaned and pressed, free of any stains or odors, no missing buttons or broken zippers and only styles within the past 2-3 years. No exceptions.

Be sure to review our “preferred labels” – if the items you have to consign are not listed, there is a good chance we will not be able to accept them.

Due to extremely limited storage space, we do not hold on to expired items. If you want your items returned, please contact us PRIOR to the expiration date and request to have them pulled for pick-up. Pulled/expired items, and items not accepted from drop offs are only held for 3 days before being donated to local charities. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in this important matter.

Designer Consigner does not accept knock-offs or fakes of ANY kind as they are an infringement of trademarks and against the policy of our affiliate -NARTS (National Association of Resale and Thrift Shop Owners).

We do not consign the following items:

  • Lingerie

  • Active apparel

  • Children’s Clothing

  • Furniture/household items

  • Bridal attire

Consignment is accepted seasonally, and all dates are subject to change:

Spring: March 1st

Summer: May 1st

Fall: August 1st

Winter: October 15th